Jason Featherby talks Financial Literacy

1:50 – Knight financial health check – what’s involved
4:10 – Financial literacy explained
5:00 – Why a basic understanding of financial literacy is intertwined with your financial state
6:30 – Is a bridging loan a suitable option when purchasing a house?
08:10 – What could a financial planner do for you if you are financially stable?
11:30 – Is it worthwhile going to an independent financial advisor rather than one at your bank?
13:25 – Putting money aside for children – the best options
15:20 – Tax implications when taking money out of a public trust fund
17:30 – Businesses getting financial advice – the services available
19:15 – Turning your super into an income stream – how to

A Lesson in Bitcoin

1:20 What is money?
2:10 What is Bitcoin?
3:20 What can you buy with Bitcoin?
5:10 What should you be doing financially at the age of 18?
12:50 Is Bitcoin dangerous?
16:00 Government co contribution to superannuation, what is it?
19:15 The best investments for your children’s savings
21:10 Will Bitcoin ever replace money?

Saving Tips for Christmas

2:50 Fixing your loan
6:31 When Superfunds increase fees
8:20 Christmas Spending Statistics
15:15 The Top 3 Christmas Tips
17:20 Bank Shares and Capital notes
18:35 Transition to Retirement Pensions
19:34 Workers Compensation and tax
21:35 Using superannuation vs. Loans

Preparing for Retirement

2:40 Advice on high income taxes
5:20 Are Australians prepared for retirement?
17:56 Can you invest superannuation in crypto currency?
19:46 Advice on making extra contributions to superannuation
22:10 Setting up a superannuation
24:03 Advice on Bitcoin Schemes

Top 10 Questions asked by clients

10. How much do normal people spend in retirement?
9. Do insurance companies pay out?
8. How many clients do you have and what type of clients are they?
7. How often can I expect to hear from you and meet with you?
6. What qualifications and experience do you have?
5. Are you independent or aligned with a bank?
4. How do I paylist tax?
3. What returns will I get if I invest with you?
2. What do you charge and how are you paid?
1. How much do I need to retire?

Reflecting on the 1987 Stock Market Crash

0:47 – Reflecting on the 1987 Stock Market Crash
2:23 – What caused the crash?
4:22 – Telstra shares
6:48 – Binary options
12:57 – Self-serve check-outs vs. customer service
16:00 – Superannuation maximum and the pension
18:58 – More about self-service checkouts

The ‘Gambler’s Fallacy’

1:10 – Intro to the ‘Gamblers Fallacy’ Theory and Psychology Traps of Financial Investing
3:05 – Anchoring Trap
4:15 – Not owning up to investment mistakes
5:55 – Avoidance Trap
6:20 – Superiority Trap
15:00 – Pro’s and Con’s of Annuity
17:20 – Risks of Bitcoins and other Virtual Currencies
19:25 – Land tax and overlapping settlement dates

Planning For Longevity Risks

Jason Featherby on longevity risk
3:34 – Why you need to plan for longevity risk
5:43 – What factors contribute to longevity
7:48 – What to plan for
8:44 – What happens if something changes

What Makes A Good Financial Planner

Jason Featherby on what makes a good financial advisor
1:35 – What makes a good financial advisor
19:17 – What is a non aligned financial planner?
20:10 – What are the kickbacks from large financial planner companies?
20:20 – What is a reasonable fee for a financial planner?
22:20 – Do you need to build a relationship with your financial planner?

Retirement Advice

Retirement planning advice from Jason Featherby
2:48 – Advice on retirement planning
6:16 – Underestimating the importance of growth
7:19 – Managing retirement when you get paid weekly
8:34 – Mapping out your retirement income
14:50 – How much should you have in reserve
22:22 – Assessing your risk profile for retirement

The strength of Australian dollar

The strength of Australian dollar
3:00 – Should Bitcoin be a legitimate crypto currency?
3:58 – Who are the winners and losers of the AUD?
6:30 – Who is not benefitting the rise of AUD?
14:57 – What’s the best way to buy foreign currency?
20:21 – Will the Reserve Bank of Australia increase interest rates?

Superannuation management

What happens to your superannuation when you pass away?
8:07 – Who can receive your superannuation?
9:12 – Who gets your superannuation if you don’t have a will?
18:20 – How to get your affairs in order
20:23 – How do you write your superfunds into one

Managing Debt

Managing Debt
2:40 – Why Australians have high debt?
5:13 – How debt can go wrong?
6:05 – Tips on how to manage your debt
7:12 – How to consolidate your debt
8:27 – Changing your behavior when managing debt
16:40 – How to handle your funds when you’re retiring
17:09 – Why you need to create a monthly budget list

Compound Interest

Compound Interest
3:00 – How does compound interest work?
4:20 – Is it worth investing in something like bitcoin?
6:00 – Examples of the power of compounding
13:00 – How to set up an account for compound interest?
14:30 – How to open a savings account that is difficult to access
16:30 – What to do now with new contribution limits to constitutionally assured superannuations funds
21:00 – Potential changes for the future of superannuation

Traditional Retirement

Traditional Retirement
– What does traditional retirement look like?
– Why and how is this model changing in the future?
– What are our future work habits going to be?
– Can you purchase property with Superannuation funds?
– Government introducing property downsizing tax breaks for retirees. 
– What is your age requirements for the pension age, and how to find out.


3:00 –
Typical situation a retiree is in
4:30 – How much are you going to need when you retire?
7:00 – Is it possible to freeze superannuation fees if you stop contributing for any reason
12:00 – Is it a good idea to set up a reverse mortgage if not currently working, but not retired yet
13:30 – Transitioning a superannuation fund into a pension fund
16:00 – Removing money from Superannuation when your account has been closed
18:20 – Where fees on superannuation fund withdrawals come from

Pre Retirees

Pre Retirees
2:30 – Defining a pre retiree, mortgage reduced or payed off, kids out of home, thinking about wealth management and retirement
3:20 – The main troubles are on reducing tax, and having enough to retire – making sure enough is put away, and in the right place.
6:30 – Where to invest tax effectively with reduced cap on superannuation
9:30 – What is the next step after heavily set up super fund to last the next 20 years
14:00 – Transition to retirement pensions
16:30 – Making sure your insurances are in place

Accumulators & Shares Investing

Accumulators & Shares Investing
2:30 – How to extract dividends from shares once they have been set up to reinvest
4:20 – How to sell shares individually or through brokers
5:30 – Advice for accumulators, 20-30’s with two income and no kids – the best way to spend their money to protect lifestyle.
11:30 – Investing in index funds (Vanguard) for retirement
14:00 – Advice on capital gains tax on selling shares that have been held for a long time
16:00 – Whether to invest or pay down mortgage for 20/30 year olds
18:30 – Deciding whether to sell or keep a poorly performing share

Income Protection & Insurance

Income Protection & Insurance
00.30 – According to a recent survey in Australia – 95% of Australians are under insured
02.30 – The average Australian insurance cover is $200,000, statistically we should have about $700,000 of cover
07.30 – Basic advice for claiming on your super for financial hardship
17.00 – Some of the reasons people don’t get paid out for insurance
22.00 – How to reduce your insurance as you get older to save your superannuation fund
23.00 – Taking out life insurance cover as a New Zealand citizen
25.00 – Will high cholesterol effect your ability to increase your life insurance?

Superannuation Statements

02:00 – Setting up a superannuation fund while under the age of 18.
04:00 – Consolidating superannuation funds.
14:00 – Understanding the rate of returns on a superannuation statement
15:00 – Do you pay tax when you have started a pension and are over the age of 60?
20:00 – Nominating a beneficiary to a superannuation fund.
22:00 – Superannuation fees while unemployed.

Retirement Planning

01:00 – How much do you need to retire?
The rule of thumb is 2/3 of your pre retirement income.

06:00 – Helpful tips to ease into retirement.
Going cold turkey could result in losing a sense of identity and purpose.

06:30 – Difference between a modest and comfortable retirement
19:30 – What to include in a will. It could be beneficial for your family to be less specific in the details.

Superannuation and Life Insurance

04:00 – Does a 20 year old really need life insurance?
08:00 – If you’re still with an old super fund you could be paying outdated fees. Shopping around for a new super fund could result in a more comfortable retirement.
12:00 – Winter energy supplement is a small win for pensioners.
14:00 – You could be paying for two seperate life insurance policies and have no idea.
21:00 – The difference between an active and passive management approach to investing.